Elephants on Mabalingwe​

Elephants on Mabalingwe

Our young bull elephants are nearing matin age, which will influence not just their behaviours but also those of the entire herd. Elephants, known for their intricate social structures led by a matriarch, rely heavily on her guidance in matters of reproduction.


Currently the female elephants are in estrus, making the herd’s behaviour more unpredictable. Anyone conducting game drives or self-drives on Mabalingwe are advised to look out for any signs of increased restlessness, vocalizations, and heightened interactions between individuals. These are typical indicators that mating behaviour is underway.


While we understand the desire to watch and take photos, all owners and guests are encouraged to maintain a safe distance and limit any time spent close to any elephants on the property. They may be distracted and inadvertently cause damage to vehicles or harm persons. If you notice any signs of aggressions, such as raised ears, trunk swinging or mock charges it is crucial to leave the area promptly and camply.


Rest assured our property is equipped with multiple experienced game rangers who are readily available to assist you and your guests, providing necessary guidance and information during your visit. Your safety and the well-being of our wildlife are our top priorities.



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