The Sables On Bergplaas

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The Sables On Bergplaas

The herd originated from Stokkiesdraai Safaris and was established there over the past 4 years and includes some of the top genetics in the country; with animals originang from known blood lines from Thaba Tholo,  Tembani, Phala-Phala and various other reputable breeders.

In 2021 the owner of Stokkiesdraai Michael Abreu and Jan Zeederberg, owner of Bergplaas in Mabalingwe, partnered on the Sable Project to establish a sustainable sable breeding herd. Preparaons were made at Bergplaas to construct a new camp system and boma to be able to move a large portion of the herd to Bergplaas which will include the top animals, including Gamula, the breeding bull.

The camp and boma construcon commenced in April/May of 2021. With the permits in place and the camps complete, the first animals were introduced to Bergplaas on the 30th of September 2021. With the help of Dr Dawid Snyman and Thaba Manzi Game Capturers assisting with the  transport, 27 females were moved to the larger 50ha camp at Bergplaas. On the 15th of October 2021, 3 adult cows and a heifer calf which were purchased from an aucon were  delivered from Tembani to Bergplaas. The last few female animals desned for Bergplaas from Stokkiesdraai were moved on the 28th October 2021.

At the same me 11 young bulls were also moved to Bergplaas and  released into the 10ha bull camp, where they will mature over the next few years.

The Sable Project consists of a core herd of 71 animals and 14 young bulls. A breeding herd of 38 animals roam in a camp at Stokkiesdraai  with 3 sub adult bulls roaming on the farm and the remainder now at Bergplaas in Mabalingwe.

The pride of the project is the  breeding bull known as Gamula. He was born at Tembani in December 2013 and sired by the well-known breeding bull, Variani who  measures 49¼” and is part of the legendary Piet genetic line. Gamula was purchased and moved to Stokkiesdraai in March 2020, just before lockdown was implemented. On August 3rd 2021 Gamula was measured by Gamelab and his GAME MANAGEMENT The Sables On Bergplaas horn measurement recorded as 55³⁄₈” securing his spot as one of the top known sable breeding bulls in the country. Due to his breeding value and the risks around darng and moving wild animals, Gamula will remain at Stokkiesdraai for the me being. In the new year, once he has covered the females at Stokkiesdraai, he will be relocated to Bergplaas and will remain with the breeding herd there. A new bull will then be sourced for the cows remaining at Stokkiesdraai.

The sables can be seen from the main road in Mabalingwe and those with a keen eye and pair of binoculars should be able to idenfy the notable sables. The project is jointly managed by Stokkiesdraai Safaris and Bergplaas personnel with the sables being fed daily a feed mixed, formulated by a top animal nutrionist for the herd, based on the veld type and minerals present in the region. More news on Gamula in the next newsleer.

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